Psychological Testing


Testing helps children and adults determine if their problems with inattention are due to Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or another cause, which helps direct proper treatment. 

Learning Disabilities

Testing can help determine if a child, adolescent or adult has a learning disability in math, reading, and/or writing. Testing can also help establish appropriate special academic accommodations. 

Autism Spectrum

Given the recent changes to autism-related diagnoses, testing helps determine if someone is on the Autism Spectrum or has a Pragmatic Communication Disorder, and helps establish appropriate accommodations. 

Other Mental Health

Psychological testing is also frequently used to determine mood disorders (bipolar, trauma disorders, depression, anxiety), personality disorders, behavioral disorders, or bariatric evaluations. 

Court Ordered Evaluations

There are many reasons the court may order a mental health (MH) evaluation. It’s common during divorce and child custody hearings for the judge to order one or both parents to undergo an evaluation. The judge then uses the findings to determine whether one parent is better equipped to care for the children.